For Publishers

  • We’ll build a top to bottom plan for successfully planning, launching and managing your video libraries.
  • We’ll set up the relationships you need to monetize those assets and help you plan the operational infrastructure to keep it all working.

For Enterprise

  • We’ll help you put a system in place so you can communicate with your employees via a scalable video infrastructure. 
  • We’ll work with you to understand where your business needs to be to compete for customers, clients and employees in a world where technology trends are constantly changing.
  • We’ll build custom solutions for public relations and investor relations.

For Everyone

  • We’ll help you understand non-US markets and put the right partners in place to make your international expansions successful. 
  • We’ll save you time and money by developing reasonable corporate development and M&A plans, helping with due diligence and market strategy.
  • We end all engagements with a public or private case study based on the work we do together.

What We Don’t Do

  • While we’re experts in digital video, we aren’t a production company. We can help line up partners to create content for you, but we won’t come to the office with a camera. 
  • While we can advise you on industry trends, point you towards assets we think are worth your time and help facilitate due diligence, we aren’t lawyers and we can’t draft agreements for you or provide legal advice.

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